The vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of our body and allow us to enjoy better health. There are many vitamins that we need, but in the case of women there are some that are more indispensable than others. No matter how old you are, how much you weigh, how you feed and how much you exercise, consuming these vitamins will allow you to strengthen your body and prevent health problems. Do you want to know what the best vitamins are for women? In this article, we tell you what they are and how you can benefit from them.

Steps to follow:

1. No order of importance, one of the best vitamins for women is vitamin A. Why is it so important to consume it? Besides having an excellent antioxidant power that helps fight free radicals, vitamin A helps promote eye health, allowing future vision problems to be avoided common in old age. Of course, take only the recommended dose, because its consumption in excess can be harmful. You can find it in tomato and carrot.

2. Vitamin E is one of the best vitamins for women because it also has great antioxidant power, this helps fundamentally to prevent premature aging, allowing to delay the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, vitamin E activates the production of red blood cells in the blood, intervenes in the health of the skin and hair, helps prevent cataracts and improves stomach problems. Find almonds, hazelnuts, spinach, wheat germ and nuts.

3. The folic acid is essential for all women. When the woman is pregnant, this vitamin helps to prevent malformations of the fetus, it allows to strengthen the immune system, it is essential to fight anemia and prevent breast cancer. Consuming folic acid also intervenes in the development of the nervous system of babies who are still in the womb. Among the foods rich in folic acid are green eggs and vegetables.

4. Vitamin D reduces the risk of contracting bone or joint diseases such as multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis and even prevents some types of cancer. Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins for women because it keeps bones healthy and strong, reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and can be obtained through sun exposure or consuming fish, eggs or milk.

5. To enjoy a strong immune system, raise your defenses and avoid the spread of influenza should include vitamin C among the best vitamins for women. Perhaps you have noticed that many moisturizers and cosmetics contain vitamin C, the reason is that this vitamin is an antioxidant and contributes to the production of collagen, so that its consumption allows to regenerate the skin and heal wounds. The food with the highest vitamin C content is kiwi, but you can also find it in guava, orange, strawberries, potatoes and tomatoes.

6. Among the best vitamins for women cannot miss the B complex, especially vitamin B6 and B12. Vitamin B6 is the brain’s vitamin, since it helps regulate the production of chemical substances in the brain, thus helping to combat depression and enjoy a healthy memory. Vitamin B6 also strengthens the immune system, provides energy, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and regulates blood sugar levels. Eat bananas, meat, fish and grains to get vitamin B6.

For its part, vitamin B12 promotes the optimal functioning of the metabolism, intervenes in the formation of cells and proteins and promotes the health of the nervous system. Find it in milk, yogurt, cheese, meat and fish.


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