If you like infusions and want a natural supplement for your diet, you should know that there are herbal teas that contain slimming properties that can help you in your goal of losing a few kilos. In addition, many are made with herbs that provide other health benefits. If you want to know what the best infusions to lose weight are.

Steps to follow:

1. Infusion of green tea. Green tea is one of the most popular slimming teas. Its main components such as thane, catechism (antioxidant components) and minerals make green tea a perfect complement in diets to lose weight. Green tea infusions accelerate metabolism, helping burn fat. In addition, thanks to minerals such as potassium and magnesium, it is a good diuretic that favors the elimination of liquids.

2. Infusion of horsetail. This is another of the best infusions to take as a supplement to reduce our weight. The horsetail is an herb with a great purifying and diuretic power, so it eliminates the toxins and liquids that accumulate in the body. It is important to keep in mind that horsetail is not a fat burning product, but it is excellent for purifying the organism and, by eliminating toxins, it can help us fight excess fat as well as prevent cellulite and act against her.

3. Infusion of grapefruit tea. Another of the best infusions to lose weight is grapefruit tea. It is ideal to reduce appetite and break down fats. In addition, it is excellent to increase the defenses and ensure the proper functioning of both the liver and the kidneys. Do not hesitate to prepare a grapefruit tea and take advantage of its properties and benefits.

4. Infusion of barberry tea. The barberry is an herb that stands out, above all, for its properties that favor the control of anxiety. That is why the barberry infusions can be useful to reduce our anxiety about food and avoid the dangerous binge eating that leads to weight gain. And not only is it good for anxiety, barberry tea also improves digestion and metabolism. As you see, it is a great option to include in your weight loss plan.

5. Infusion of oolong tea. Do you know oolong tea or blue tea? It is a semi fermented green tea that offers very powerful effects to balance body weight, act against fats and increase immune defenses. In addition, it is excellent because it reduces the level of sugar in the blood and helps regulate cholesterol. Therefore, we include oolong tea as one of the best infusions to lose weight and reduce measures.

6. Take into account that the infusions, although they have slimming properties, are not effective methods to lose weight by themselves, they should always be accompanied by a balanced diet and a good routine of physical exercise.


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