If you are in a depressing period and do not want to continue taking drugs prescribed by the doctor, a good option is to fight depression with some natural products whose properties will help you to secrete serotonin, that is, the hormone of happiness. However, before making any change in your treatment, it is recommended that you consult a specialist who can follow your progress and verify your improvement.

Detect a depression

It is important that we know how to differentiate what sadness is from what depression is because the first is a passing state that we suffer when we have experienced some type of passage in our life that has induced us to this feeling (a break, the death of a beloved, etc.). On the other hand, depression is a more serious sadness because it is a clinical condition that prevents people from enjoying life. The evolution of this mental health disease should always be supervised by a specialist.

Within the symptoms of depression we must emphasize that, due to the feeling of deep sadness that a person feels, his way of enjoying life is affected: he will be in a negative state, he will not want to relate to people and will not feel like it to do nothing It is also common for sleep patterns to be altered and episodes of insomnia or periods of deep sleep to occur. This mismatch in the hours of rest will aggravate, even more, the little desire to leave home and to interact.

Spices for depression

The curcumin is a compound that is part of turmeric and is considered a natural antidepressant. The reason is that, after doing a series of neurochemical analyzes, it has been discovered that this property can increase the level of serotonin and, thus, make us feel better, more happy and calm. But, in addition, dopamine in the brain also increases a neurotransmitter that affects emotions.

Within cayenne pepper we find another one of the best natural antidepressants: capaicina; this component is also found in the root of ginger, so both products are perfect to overcome this mental imbalance. This property manages to stimulate the production of enfordines, the hormones that are commonly known as “the hormones of happiness”, so adding this type of pepper as well as ginger in your daily meal will make you feel better.

Medicinal plants for depression

In the field of herbal medicine we also find some plants that can help us to alleviate the signs of depression and get us to recover the joy progressively. For example, basil is one of the ideal plants to combat fatigue, fatigue and, also, depression because it is considered a natural vitalizer that is capable of filling us with energy and desire to do things. To take advantage of these benefits, just enough to include it in your recipes or, if you prefer, you can give yourself an aromatic bath with basil essential oil.

The herb St. John’s wort is also another perfect to help us overcome this depressive period plant. It contains properties that stimulate vital energy and promotes well-being and tranquility, as it is relaxing. For this reason, taking an infusion of this herb will make you feel better, calmer and away from problems, the essential step to combat depression.

Food for depression

In addition to these natural antidepressants that we have just recommended, you must remember that “we are what we eat”, therefore, food will also have a great influence on your mood. In this sense, it is worth mentioning cocoa, an ingredient that has always been known to combat depression since it is rich in selenium, a property that helps control moods as well as making the brain stronger.

It has also been discovered that people who usually suffer from depression have low levels of Omega 3 fatty acids so if we restore them we will balance the nutrients of our body and, therefore, feel better. Blue fish, nuts or spinach are foods rich in this component and you should add them to your diet.

The same goes for folic acid, a nutrient that is at very low levels when a person suffers from depression. The lack of folate can delay the healing of this disorder and, therefore, the episode may take longer than expected. Spinach, legumes or asparagus are foods rich in this nutrient and, therefore, highly recommended.

Activities to get out of a depression

In addition to these products that can help you overcome depression, it is also important that you perform certain activities in your day to day to improve your mood and regain joy. The meditation, for example, is one of the best practices you can do since it focuses on reducing stress, reconnect with your heart and get inner peace.

But it is also recommended that you do sport or move your body to be able to burn energy, feel vital and get the brain to secrete endorphins naturally (it is known that when we exercise, our organ releases these natural chemicals, which is why after exercise we feel so comfortable and relaxed).

The laughter is also one of the best weapons for depression because it eliminates the stress hormone. That’s why, in a way, we recommend that you start watching humor movies, that you go out to the theater to see a monologue or a comedy, that you join with fun people to laugh and enjoy their company. Laughing you will get the first step to get out of this tunnel.


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