It is no secret that this time of the month is one of the most annoying for any woman. In many girls, belly aches, cramps and fatigue already begin to appear even before the rule and the question is: why?

Many people experience this problem of feeling tired before or during the period and it is thought that it is directly related to the hormones. However, it has been discovered that it is due to a decrease in estrogen in the body, but do not be scared, with some changes in your routine you will find yourself fantastic every day.

Relationship between rule and extreme tiredness

As we said, there are many women who feel fatigued with the appearance of the rule, or even before it occurs. Among the main causes of weakness during menstruation, the following stand out:

  • Bad nutrition
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Sedentary
  • Sleeping little or badly
  • Anemia

Poor diet and the rule

In popular culture, it is thought that in those days of the month it is allowed to consume any food or craving that you get: hamburgers, soft drinks, sweets, ice cream, etc. Although delicious, this small detail may be the cause of your fatigue during the period.

Keep in mind that your body is in an important hormonal process, so it needs a lot of energy to function properly. A poor diet will only provide saturated fats and no nutrients, besides making you feel bloated and, in some cases, cause constipation.

Avoid complex carbohydrates such as breads, potatoes and foods high in fat and sugars; this includes soft drinks, sweets and desserts. Likewise, the intake of coffee, tea or chocolate is not recommended due to its high caffeine content, which can interfere with your sleep and iron absorption.

Tiredness before and after the period due to lack of nutrients

The nutrients are essential during menstruation to compensate for the loss of blood and between that, iron and estrogen. Therefore, it is very important that women consume many vitamins and minerals in this period.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, to help improve iron absorption; as well as foods rich in vitamin B likewise, which will help you fight fatigue, and you’ll find them in magnesium-rich nuts.

In the case of iron, it is advisable to consume red meats, eggs and green leafy vegetables in order to keep the levels in optimum conditions or, if necessary, to replace the loss of this mineral. Remember that water is essential for an effective absorption of nutrients, so stay extremely hydrated those days.

Sedentary during the period and extreme tiredness

We are aware that due to all the discomforts the rule brings with it, the last thing you want is to get out of bed to jog, walk or ride a bicycle and, if you are suffering from fatigue, even less. However, it is necessary to combat said fatigue.

Believe it or not, physical exercise helps to accelerate the metabolism, taking you out of your extreme fatigue, therefore it is a very serious mistake to stay in bed on menstruation days.

It is a bit forced because you are weaker than usual, but the endorphins released by physical exercise will help reduce stress and even eliminate cramping. Walk smoothly at least 30 minutes a day, take a bike ride about 15 and you will see how you will feel much better when you get home.

Having the rule and sleeping badly

This is accompanied by the pain and discomfort caused by the period in women, often affecting sleep or the quality of it. It is very important that you rest at least 8 hours a day, remember that you are losing nutrients and that you need to recover them in some way; sleep helps fight all those symptoms, so sleep what you need.

Try to be calm in those days, shower with warm water before sleeping, put on a relaxing song and try to be as comfortable as possible when going to bed. You can take an infusion to help you fall asleep and relieve pain or read a book, the important thing is that your dream is deep and refreshing.

Anemia and menstruation

This can be one of the medical causes that cause fatigue during the period and basically consists of the deficiency of iron in the body, which is intensified with the rule. Pay attention to other symptoms other than excessive tiredness, such as dizziness or headaches and, if so, consult your doctor. This other article will help you How to know if I have anemia.

The deficiency of folic acid can also generate anemia, so keep in mind if you happen only with the rule or is something of each day, from there the doctor will prescribe supplements or multivitamins to replace the loss of vitamins and minerals.


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